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What evelyn offers

Evelyn is a leading educational services provider and the faster growing brand in the content development space in India. It specializes in developing content for various disciplines. It then packages the content as separate modules and under various brands to meet the needs of customers.
Text book development

We have capabilities to build customized textbooks as per the syllabus prescribed by any university or institute. Majority of our clients include universities and colleges.


An Evelyn authored solution is step-by-step and fully explained. It helps the student learn how to solve the problem rather than just providing the answer.

Test-Prep material

Evelyn’s test-prep material comes in the form of time-managed workbooks, addressing the need for competition as well as school-level studies of the student.

e-Learning content

Evelyn owns various popular online test-prep portals for students preparing for the Engineering and other entrance examinations.

Our Company

Evelyn's content stands

From a fledgling firm in 2013, Evelyn has rapidly spread its wings in a short span of time. Today, Evelyn creates high quality content not just for schools but for well-known universities as well. To maintain high standards in content development, the company has stringent guidelines and rigorous quality checks in place. Evelyn experts draw on their own teaching experience, to deliver original and up-to-date content.

Evelyn also designs course material for working professionals, ensuring that it is comprehensive and self-explanatory. This means busy professionals do not have to spend time and effort in looking for reference material and can study at their own convenience.

With a combined experience of over 15 years in the education industry, Evelyn is poised to grow and expand vertically in its various subject domains.

  • Text book creation
  • Text book solution creation
  • Assessments

Our Team

Evelyn has been growing at a fast pace over the past years and is now a 200+ strong team of trained subject experts, IT professionals and Human Resource executives. We have experts in the areas of Math, English, pure sciences, Engineering, Statistics and Business. We have great understanding of the state and common core standards followed in the US.

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