Textbook Solutions

The word ‘Solution’ is frequently confused with ‘Answer’. An answer to a question is the outcome obtained by solving the question. Hence, this may contain just a single line or a single word. How one gets to this answer is not discussed or explained. Solution manuals or Instructor manuals that are usually provided along with textbooks contain ‘answers’. An Evelyn authored solution is step-by-step and fully explained. It helps the student learn how to solve the problem rather than just providing the answer.Explaining the situation in the question is a very important step in finally understanding how to solve the problem. Most times, students get stuck here. Hence, the solution must start with an initial description of the problem in the textbook. Once this is clear, the next step is to highlight any formulae, variables, terms and abbreviations.

All calculations must be shown in steps, explaining any unit conversion that has been carried out. Application of theorems should be done only after reproducing and explaining them thoroughly. Application of axioms, formulae and theorems must then be done in steps.

The final conclusion or answer obtained must be checked against the initial conditions given in the problem. Crisp reasons must be given as to why other options are not the right answer. Entire feel of the solution must also match with the flair of the authors writing the textbook. Same notations must be followed as those in the textbook.